Rego Inspections

Rego inspections in Wauchope

Road safety is important for all Australian vehicles. At BDM Heavy Vehicle Repairs, we perform annual rego safety inspections at our workshop in Wauchope. Residents from Wauchope and Port Macquarie come annually to renew their light and heavy vehicle safety certificates.

Annual rego inspections


Your motor vehicle registration is renewed annually in New South Wales. For all light and heavy vehicles older than 5 years from the date of manufacture, safety inspections are required before registration can be renewed. Your annual rego inspections can be done by BDM Heavy Vehicle Repairs.

We inspect heavy vehicles including, trucks, semis and buses. We also inspect light vehicles. Once the inspection is done, you’ll be provided with a road safety certificate for passing, allowing you to renew your vehicle registration.

Appointments for rego inspections can be made months in advance. Just call us and set up your appointment for an inspection now. We take inspection appointments all year round, up to 6 months in advance of your registration expiration.
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Caravan inspections


Just like heavy vehicles, caravans need road safety inspections before renewing their registration annually. Road safety certificates for caravans are not exactly the same as heavy and light vehicles, so a specialised caravan inspection centre is needed.

We are an authorised inspection site for caravans. Bring caravans of all types to our shop for inspections and safety certification before renewing your registration.

Crane inspections


Industrial and plant cranes can be inspected by our mechanics. We’re an authorised crane inspection service. We will perform an inspection on your mobile cranes to allow for registration renewal annually.

Inspection standards


National standards for inspections are released for all types of vehicles. There is a national checklist that closely links to the criteria outlined by the New South Wales governing authority. Safety inspections look at every safety feature included on a vehicle, from the brakes to airbags and dash lights.

Our job is to make sure your vehicle meets the specific safety and roadworthy standards put in place for vehicles in its class.
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Defect notice clearance


If your vehicle fails an inspection, you have 14 days to fix the problems identified. We can help you with fixing safety concerns and clearing the defect notice in order to get your safety certificate.

You don’t have to have your vehicle inspected with us to bring it to our shop for repairs. We’ll clear up any issues discovered by an inspection at another workshop. If you have it inspected with us initially, you can choose to repair while it’s with us and the second re-inspection won’t cost you anything. Once it’s fixed and re-inspected, your road safety certificate can be issued for registration renewal.