Spare Parts

Quality spare parts in Wauchope

At BDM Heavy Vehicle Repairs, we sell parts and accessories for light and heavy vehicles, trucks, trailers, plant equipment, machinery and other vehicles.

Sourcing genuine spare parts


Every part you order through our workshop is a genuine part. If we can’t source the parts directly from the companies that make them, we order only through trusted third-party sellers and we check parts as they arrive to ensure we only pass on the best to you.

You can purchase spare parts for cars and trucks of any make and model, as well as for plant equipment and machinery. Even if you buy the parts through our shop, you don’t have to install them with us, although we’re always happy to book you in for a repair, upgrade or servicing appointment!
Truck Spare Parts — Vehicle Repair in Wauchope, NSW

Heavy vehicle accessories


Spare parts aren’t only for repairs and maintenance. If you want different accessories or parts to make adjustments and changes to your vehicles, we can get them from us. We have some accessories onhand, especially from our brand partners, and we can source others.

Accessories can be ordered easily and delivered quickly. We can get some accessories as quickly as overnight while others may take a little longer. Accessories are available for cars, trucks, light and heavy vehicles, mobile cranes, plant equipment and more.

Retrofitting & upgrades


If you’ve got systems and parts in your vehicle that need to be retrofitted, upgraded, replaced, or swapped out, we can help you get the parts for that. Our workshop has access to parts and accessories that make it simple to get your rig back to peak efficiency again.

As systems are used, they tend to become outdated and worn out. We’ll help you get any spares to fix up your existing system.

Mack, UD & Volvo spare parts


BDM Heavy Vehicle Repairs is a service centre for UD trucks, Mack and Volvo. As an agent for these companies, we can easily order in spare parts for quick delivery and use in your vehicles. This includes spares used for warranty work and general maintenance.
Bulldozer — Vehicle Repair in Wauchope, NSW

WABCO parts


WABCO systems are commonplace in commercial heavy vehicles. As a WABCO service partner, we can source parts and accessories for your WABCO systems. We have mechanics on staff who have received training specifically on how to fix, retrofit and upgrade WABCO systems.

We can order parts direct from WABCO for use in your vehicles. Parts come quickly and are ready to be installed right away. Everything we get for your WABCO system is a genuine part straight from the company itself, so you can trust the quality of the parts and accessories.

ACDelco batteries


We keep a range of ACDelco batteries onhand for battery swaps and changes. Our emergency breakdown keeps some batteries while our workshop stores a larger supply. If you need a new battery, we can hook you up with a long-lasting, powerful ACDelco battery for your heavy vehicle.